Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology

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Research and Development: Infrastructure

Available Infrastructure:

Equipment available

Generic name of equipment

DLN Nanotech Laboratory, Salt Lake, MSIT, TIG.

i) 1500sq.ft clean room (Class 1000)

ii) Entry Air shower

iii) One Clean laminar work station

iv) One pin-on-disc wear & coefficient of friction measurement unit

v) One Ultrasonic cleaner

vi) One semi-industrial PACVD unit with remote computer interface

vii) One water chiller

Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Nazirabad.

1. Chemical Bench

2. Weighing balance

3. Magnetic stirrer cum hot plate

4. Hot air oven (3000C)

5. De-ionize water system

6. Vacuum coating unit

7. Sensor measurement set up with scrubber

8. LCR meter (Agilent)

9. Optical Microscope with camera attachment(OPTIKA, Italy)

10. UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer with variable angle attachment(Simadzu, Japan)

11. FTIR with ATR acility(Simadzu, Japan)

12. Rapid thermal annealing system (10000C)

13. ALD

14. Minority Carier Life Time Tester (Sinton )

15. Solar Simulator (1 Sun)

16. Screen Printer

17. Spin Coater

18. Green LASER

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