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Members' list of MAR Committee for the session 2020-2022

Name of Member Designation by Profession Position in Committee
Prof.(Dr.) Ankur Ganguly Principal-In-Charge Chairperson
Mr. Sanjoy Roy Assistant Professor,IT Coordinator
Mr. Aliv Banerjee Assistant Professor,BA Convener
Ms. Shreya Sarkar Assistant Professor,BSH Member
Mr. Jayanta Roy Chowdhury Assistant Professor,ECE Member
Mr. Abhishek Roy Assistant Professor,CE Member
Mr. Avisek Tunga Assistant Professor,ME Member
Ms. Aparajita Mukherjee Assistant Professor,EE Member
Ms. Reshmi Maulik Assistant Professor,CA Member
Mr. Safiar Rahaman Sardar TA,BSH Member
Mr. Debabrata Paul Lab Assistant,CSE Member