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Members' list of Infrastructure Development Committee for the session 2020-2022

Name of Member Designation by Profession Position in Committee
Prof.(Dr.) Ankur Ganguly Principal-In-Charge Chairperson
Mr. Subhas Kumar Basu Coordinator-ADAC Coordinator
Mr. Tufan Datta AP,CE Convener
Prof.(Dr.) Tapobrata Bhattacharya Professor & HOD,ME Member
Dr. Sudip Dogra Associate Professor,ECE Member
Dr. Sumit Som Assistant Professor & HOD,BSH Member
Mr. Subhrapratim Nath Assistant Professor & HOD,CSE Member
Mr. Subir Hazra Assistant Professor & HOD,IT Member
Dr. Swapnadip De Assistant Professor & HOD,ECE Member
Mr. Sheak Hasim Assistant Professor & HOD,CE Member
Dr. Susmita Adhikary Assistant Professor & FIC,IT Member
Mrs. Aparna Datta Assistant Professor & FIC,CA Member
Mr. Debarshi Ghosh Assistant Professor & FIC,BA Member
Mrs. Sharmee Bose Assistant Professor,BSH Member
Mr. Sanjoy Roy Assistant Professor,IT Member
Mr. Sougata Bera Assistant Professor,CSE Member
Mr. Arindam Samanta Assistant Professor,ME Member
Ms. Sayanti De Assistant Professor,EE Member
Mr. Saubhik Goswami Assistant Professor,CA Member
Mr. Saibal Banerjee TPO Member
Mr. Arnab Sen PA to Principal Member
Mr. Sunanda Moitra Sr. Executive Accounts Member