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Members' list of Internal Complaint Committee for the session 2020-2022

Category Name of Member Designation by Profession Position in Committee
Presiding Officer Mrs. Shahana Sengupta AP,BSH Coordinator
Faculty Member Dr. Susmita Bakshi AP,CE Member Secretary
Faculty Member Ms. Epsita Chakraborty AP,EE Member
One Non-Teaching Employee Mrs. Subhadra De Assistant Manager Compliances, Admin Member
A member from NGO or a person familiar with sexual harassment issues Mrs. Bidisha Ghosh Biswas Secretary, Mukti Rehabilitation Center External Member
External Member (Prof.)Dr. S.K Bhattacharya Director-AQA,TIG External Member
External Member Ms. Tulika Sighania Counselor Member
Student Member-PG Anisha Das Student Member
Student Member-UG Dyuti Mohapatra Student Member
Student Member-UG Maria Rafique Student Member