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About The Department

    The Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities (BSH) initiated its journey from the inception of the Institute in 2001. The sanctioned student strength of MSIT B. Tech. program is 480, divided in 8 sections under 6 different branches of engineering. The Department of BSH is multidisciplinary, housing four different domains together namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Humanities.

    The Department mainly takes care of engineering students in their first year of the UG program. Aspiring young engineers, after their long stint of school life, taste their initial experience of college life in this department and need careful guidance for a successful transition. The main focus of the department is to develop among the students a sound foundation of basic scientific principles which will enable them to understand their core engineering courses offered in higher semesters. The Department further ensures that the students develop acumen for the English language, enabling them to logically think and converse in the language. The Department actively encourages students to display their individual talents in art, culture, debates, group discussions and extra -curricular activities.

    The Department of BSH has a distinguished record in both teaching and research. The Department has dedicated classrooms and state of the art laboratory facilities including language laboratory to support the academic programs and research activities. Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly dedicated. Several faculty members of the department are involved in active collaborative research and also serve on the editorial boards of national and international journals. Members of the Department have undertaken multiple Govt. sponsored R & D projects over the years.

    The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities constantly endeavours to provide a healthy and holistic ambience transforming fresh young minds into future engineers.



Name : Dr. Sumit Som
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph. D (Science) from JU, M. Sc. (Physics) from CU

Welcome from Head of the Department

    The first year engineering program plays a pivotal role in shaping the aspirant students into successful engineers. All budding engineers joining the Institute are greeted by the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities (BSH) in their first year UG program. As students come from diversified socio-cultural background, it becomes a need for our department to mentor and nurture each student accordingly yet maintaining the sensitivity in them.

    Technology changes very rapidly, whereas the underlying Science, changes (if at all) gradually. Our understanding is that students with a sound knowledge of the fundamentals can easily adapt to the rapid advances in technology. The Department has therefore always remained true to its vision of 'creating a secure and stable bedrock' for the growth of skillful future engineers. The subjects offered in the first year, though common to all branches, essentially lays a strong foundation and imparts basic skills of communication and teamwork. The education imparted to our students in their first year is the basis of a life time of learning.

    We as a department are a family of four distinct faculties (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities). The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members many of whom, in addition to teaching, are involved in advanced research activities. The outcome based teaching-learning methodology used by our members is aimed at boosting the students' critical thinking ability and analyzing skills. In addition, we actively encourage the development of the students' creative skills by regularly organizing events and extra-curricular activities beyond the routine classes. I am confident that this holistic approach will enable our students to efficiently handle the challenges ahead of them.

     I extend my best wishes to my entire team and all dear students.

B.Tech Syllabus for First Year

Faculty, Dept. of BSH

Name : Dr. Sumit Som
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph. D (Science) from JU, M. Sc. (Physics) from CU
Specialization : Gravitation & Cosmology, High Energy Physics
Experience: 14 years in academics
Associations-& Achievements: Head of the Department, Member- Academic Council, Student Welfare Coordinator
No. of Publications: Number of Research Papers in international conference & journal: 4
Name : Dr Bikas Chandra Bhui
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D (Science) & M.Sc (Math) from JU, B.Ed and PGDCA 
Specialization : Operation Research & Study of Cosmological Phenomena , Topological defects in four and Higher Dimensional Space-Time.
Experience: More than 3 years IT experiences in software development/ Implementation, 15 years teaching experience and 10 years research experience .
Associations-& Achievements: Controller ( Examination and University Affairs ) 
No. of Publications: Number of Research Papers in international journal: 15 & Number of published books: 14
Name : Dr. Jayita Pal
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: PH.D from CU , Post Doctoral Fellow from Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia
Specialization : Nano science and Nano Technology
Experience: Teaching : 19 yrs, Research: 16 yrs
Associations-& Achievements: Member of International Journal Reviewer Committee
No. of Publications: International journals: 06 (last two yrs)
Name : Ms Shahana Sengupta
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Msc. Mathematics
Specialization : Functional Analysis and topology
Experience: 18 years in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: Chairperson of Anti Sexual Harrassment Committee, MSIT, Joint Cordinator of Mentoring Cell,MSIT, Member of Greivance Cell, MSIT, TIC of Rotaract Club Of MSIT, Member of Anti-ragging Committee, MSIT.
Name : Dr. Debasish De
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D, IIT Kharagpur, Post Doctoral Fellow from University of Twente,Netherlands
Specialization : Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry
Experience: 10 years in Academic, 1 year in Industry and 12 Years in Research
Associations-& Achievements: CSIR -Senior Research Fellow Ship Award 2003. Former Member of American Chemical Society, At Present engaged in Clean Energy Research as a Principal Investigator of CERI-DST Project (1.42 crore)
No. of Publications: 25 Research Publications, 3 books, 2 Patent
Name : Ms. Sarmee Chakraborty
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Jadavpur University , B.Sc from St.Xavier's College,Calcutta University .
Specialization : Astrophysics and Cosmology
Experience: 14yrs in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: Departmental Coordinator - BSH ,Counselor Coordinator - MSIT , Member of Institutional Disciplinary Committee , Resource person of BSH in Institutional Website Committee, Class coordinator of B.Tech 1st year students.
No. of Publications: 2
Name : Dr. Subrata Kr. Debnath
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M Sc,M Phil,Ph D
Specialization : Applied Mathematics,Applied Geophysics,Theoretical Seismology,Astrophysics,Special theory of Relativity,General theory of Relativity,Cosmology
Experience: Academic(Taught in the department of Mathematics, St. Xavier's college, kolkata from 2005 to2009) 13 years(app.),Research-12 years(app.)(Mphil and PhD)
Associations-& Achievements: Life Time member of Indian Statistical Institute,Kolkata,Life Time member of Calcutta Mathematical Society,Kolkata,Member of Eoropean Geosciences Union,Germany,Best paper Award,16 In the International Conference at Goa
No. of Publications: 11 international papers, 3 books
Name : Mr. Sayan Das
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Pursuing PhD (IIEST), M.Sc. (Chemistry, BU)
Specialization : Organic Chemistry
Experience: 11 years in Academics, 7 years in Research
Associations-& Achievements: Associated with DST-GOI, CERI-GOI, MNRE-GOI funded projects running in this Institute. Best Paper award at 98th-ISC.
No. of Publications: 19
Name : Mr. Sukhendu Jana
Designation: Assistant Professor
Pursuing PhD from IIEST, M.Sc. in Physics from CU, B.Sc(Hons.) in Physics from CU.
Specialization :
Solid State Electronics, Thin Film Technology, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
Experience: 13 years in Academics, 9 Years in Research
Associations-& Achievements:
Co-Principal Investigator of DST, Govt. of India Sponsored R & D Project (Grant: 1.41Cr); Team Member of Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Sensor Technology,  Editorial Team member of two International Journals; , member of IIEDC Cell,  Jt. Coordinator of Departmental NBA committee, Jt. Coordinator of Central Student Mentoring Coordination Committee; Best paper presentation award in 98th Indian Science Congress, 2011;  award for securing highest marks in Physics (Hons.) in college level University Examination, 2002.
No. of Publications:
International Journal and Conference: 20 & Edited Book Chapters: 2 
Name : Ms. Sanchita Dutta
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.A. in English From the University of Calcutta
Specialization : Ancient European Literature & Gender Studies
Experience: 10 years in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: Head Convener And Faculty Editor of College Magazine committee, Mentor of B.Tech !st Yr Students,Content editor College Website Develo[pment Committee,Participated in various State level, National And International Seminars on ELT .Published papers on ELT topics in various journals of repute.
No. of Publications: 5
Name : Dr. Sk Mosiur Rahaman
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD in Applied Mathematics from JU, B.Ed from CU, M.Sc from JU, B.Sc from JU
Specialization : Galactic Dark Matter, Star Modelling & Wormhole Physics, Subjects: Linear Algebra, Graph theory & Functional analysis
Experience: 7 years in Academics since 2011, 4 Years in Research
Associations-& Achievements: 6 years experience as a WBUT examiner. Ex. Member of Examination Committee of WBUT Semester Examination at MSIT, Ex. Member of time table Committee of internal practical examination at MSIT.
No. of Publications: 5
Name : Ms. Keka Biswas
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc in Physics from The University of Burdwan , B.Sc from Midnapore College,Vidyasagar University
Specialization : Radio Physics & Electronics
Experience: 7 years in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: Class coordinator (for 1st year students) ,member of cultural committee at MSIT, Mentor for 1st year students, National merit scholarship awarded in 2003, Member of Cross Departmental Program Implementation Support Team ( CDPIST ).   
Name : Mr. Dhritishankar Sen
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.A. in English Literature from Calcutta University
Specialization : Literary Theory
Experience: 7 years in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: Credential of receiving Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust Pre-doctoral Scholarship during eleven –month Research Training Programme conducted by Centre for Studies in Social Sciences (CSSSC), Kolkata in 2008-2009
No. of Publications: 4
Name : Mr. Sanjit Manna
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: in Mathematics from CU, from CU, B.Ed from BU
Specialization : Linear Algebra, Abstract Harmonic Analysis
Experience: 3 years in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: Class coordinator (for 1st year Students), Dept.Member in NPTL, Mentor for 1st year
Name : Ms Anuradha Chatterjee
Designation: Faculty Soft Skill Development
Qualification: MA, MBA & PGDM
Specialization : Business Communication & Marketing
Experience: 1988 - 1998 Corporate Trainer & 1998 till present in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: Corporate liasioning for the training & Placement Cell
Name : Ms. Shreya Sarkar
Qualification: M.PHIL in English from CU, English from CU, B.A.(Hons) in English from CU.
Experience: 10 Years in Academics (Teaching), 3 Years in Research.
Associations-& Achievements: "Presently associated with Literary Magazine - 'Aitijhya Anwesh'- Prior Achievements-1.Literary Article entitled, ‘The Pessimist With a Cause’ published in The Statesman Festival Issue,2017 (October), Registration No.KOLRMS/55/2016-2018: 2; 2.Certificate of Merit,awarded for effort in Vernacular Bengali in Loreto College, in the year, 2004.3. Certificate of Merit, awarded in Loreto College, for participation in a Legal Awareness Course aimed at the empowerment of young women with focus on Perspective and Skill, between August-September, 2005. 4.Held position of Course Co-ordinator of English (BSH) at previous organization.5. Currently associated with Literary wall magazine,'Pandora's Box' at MSIT.
Name : Ms. Sananda Chandra
Qualification: M.A English literature(Rabindra Bharati University), B.A English literature( Calcutta University)
Specialization :
Experience: 5years in Academics
Associations-& Achievements: presently associated with literary wall magazine of MSIT
Name : Mr. Sukriti Roy
Qualification: M.Sc. in Mathematics from BHU, B.Sc(Hons.) in Mathematics from Burdwan University.
Specialization : Differential Equation, Modern Algebra, Numerical Methods.
Experience: 8 years in Academics, 2 Years in Research.
No. of Publications: International Journal and Conference: 03

Lab Assistant, Dept. of BSH

Name : Chinmoy Mondal
Designation: Technical Assistant
Qualification: M.Sc in Chemistry from Vidyasagar University,B.Ed in pure science from Kurukshetra University & B.Sc in Chemistry(H) from CU
Experience: 9 years in academics
Name : Souren Roy
Designation: Technical Assistant
Qualification: BEd in Physical Science from MDU, MSc. in Physics from GGU, BSc. in Physics from BU
Experience: 4 years in academics
Name : Sanjib Garai
Designation: Technical Assistant
Qualification: M.Sc in Physics, specialization in electronics from Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya (GGU) & in Physics(H) from The University of Burdwan.
Experience: 4 years in academics
Name : Safiar Rahaman Sardar
Designation: Technical Assistant
Qualification: B.Sc from WBSU, Diploma in computer application from NIELIT
Experience: 3 years in academics
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BSH Department's Lab

BSH Department's Lab
BSH Department's Lab
BSH Department's Lab
BSH Department's Lab
BSH Department's Lab
BSH Department's Lab

List of Publications, Dept. of BSH



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  2. B Chatterjee, M Maitra, J Pal amd M Debbarma, “ Cross Fields, Opto- Electronic Materials, Intense Light Waves and the Screening Length”, Materials Focus ( American Scientific Publisher) ,  vol. 7, Number 2, April 2018  pp. 431–437.

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  5. Kalyan Adhikary, Sayan Das, Debasish De, Anup Mondal, Utpal Gangopadhyay, Sukhendu Jana, Characterization and Applications of Diamond-like Nanocomposites: A Brief Review;  Characterization and Application of Nanomaterials, Online First (March, 2018), Publisher: EN Press, DOI:

  6. Sukhendu Jana, Sayan Das, Debasish De, Anup Mondal, Utpal Gangopadhyay, Diamond-like nanocomposite: A novel promising carbon based thin film as antireflection and passivation coating for silicon solar cell, ,  Materials Research Express, Publisher: IOP Publishing, Vol. 5, Issue 2, Feb 2018, DOI:

  7. Baishakhi Pal, Soma Ray, Sukhendu Jana, Sayan Das, Utpal Gangopadhyay, Partha Pratim Ray, Texturization of Multi Crystalline Silicon without Conventional Alkaline and Acidic Solution for Solar Cell Processing, Materials Today: Proceedings, Publisher: Elsevier, Vol. 4, Issue. 14, Dec, 2017, DOI:

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  10. ELEMENTS OF THREE DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY(vol-1),Publisher: Damodar Group ,ISBN: 978-93-85775-10-9,(2) SOME COLLECTED PROBLEMS ON OPERATIONS ,Publisher: Damodar Group,ISBN: 978-93-85775-10-9,RESEARCH,,Publisher: Damodar Group,ISBN: 978-93-85775-12-3.,(3)GEOMETRY OF TWO DIMENSIONS,Publisher: Damodar Group,ISBN: 978-93-85775-11-6.



  • Distinguished lectures: delivered by the following eminent personnel in the three-week Induction Program for B.Tech first year students of all streams .

    Sl.No Name Affiliation Day DATE Stream/S Addressed
    1 Mr. Kushal Banerjee ARM,TCS MON 23.07.18 CSE, IT, ECE
    2 Mr.Ashok Banerjee IIM, Kolkata MON 30.07.18 CSE, IT,
    TUES 31.07.18 EEB, CEA,
    ECE, EEA
    3 Dr. Kalyan Kumar Bhar IIEST, Shibpur WED 01.08.18 CEA, CEB
    4 Dr. Shibnath Maity Ex-Director, CSIR FRI 03.08.18 CSE, ECE, ME
    5 Dr. Monir Ahamed VECC FRI 03.08.18 ME
    6 Mr. Puranta Bhandari Tribeni Construction Ltd. MON 06.08.18 CEA, CEB
    7 Mr.Pulak Roy TCS WED 01.08.18 EEA, EEB
    FRI 03.08.18 CSE, IT, ECE

  • NGO Visit:    HumaneSociety International- One of the largest animal protection organizations conducted an awareness campaign among the newly admitted students in the INDUCTION PROGRAM WEEK which was held from 23rd July to 10th August, 2018.

  • Name of the Event
    Invited Lecture:
    Speaker of the Event Date of the Event: Short Description of the Event:
    Teachers’Day Celebration

    5.09.2018 Teachers Day was celebrated in the college premises led off with a welcome note by the Head of Department of BSH. Students arranged for a brief but heartwarming cultural program.
    ‘Pandora’s Box’ : the wall magazine of MSIT

    4.10.2018 Director, MSIT inaugurated the 1st edition of our Wall Magazine, Pandora's Box for the academic session 2018-19. 1st year B. Tech students left us enthralled with their dedication and contribution.
    Astronomy – Astrophysics Concepts & Challenges Dr. Debiprasad Duari, Director M.P.Birla Planetarium Kolkata 11.10.2018 Dr. Debiprasad Duari left the audience mesmerized with his lecture on Astrophysicsand motivated the students & teachers alike.
    CROSS-WORDS – The annual debate for 1st year students

    1.3.2019 Eight super talented participants from (1st year) were selected for the final event. For some participants it was the first attempt in public speaking, though their confidence did not reveal the fact. This was meant to showcase the collective talent of the youth rather than only recognizing winners.