The Central Library -a proud partner in the institute's march towards its vision, plays a vital role in acquisition, organization, and dissemination of knowledge. It has put in place policies and procedures, systems and services, and an ambience to facilitate acquisition of knowledge.

     Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology’s Central Library is well-stocked, containing all the latest editions of the publications related to the curriculum; enabling the students to enhance their knowledge on different topics and subjects incorporated in their courses. The latest periodicals, journals and other publications are also provided for constant updation in the field of Science and Technology.

Staff of Library

Name : Ms. Shampa Sarkar (Biswas)
Designation: Librarian 
Name : Mr. Debi Prasad Mallik
Designation: Library Assistant
Name : Mr. Bimal Barui
Designation: Library Assistant
Name : Mr. Tirtha Pratim Mitra
Designation: Office Assistant


Library Facility

Reading facilities for all members and non-members on permission.

Borrowing facility (for student and staff)
   Books issued to the student -8 to 12
   Books for Faculty members-10 to 12
   Books for project and campus interview

Journals access (Printed & E-journals)

Searching facility through Web OPAC

Reference services

Reprographic or document supply service to all including outstation users.

Reference book and IS code available

Questions papers (previous year) & CDs available.

Digital library facility: Access e-books, Audio-video lectures, Online journals

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