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Members' list of Games & Sports Committee for the session 2020-2022

Name of Member Designation by Profession Position in Committee
Prof.(Dr.) Ankur Ganguly Principal-In-Charge Chairperson
Ms. Joysree Das Roy Dean-SA Advisory Member
Md. Sahanur Islam Assistant Professor, BA Coordinator
Mr. Dibakar Ghosh Assistant Professor, ME Convener
Ms. Keka Biswas Assistant Professor, BSH Member
Mr. Soumya Suvra Khan Assistant Professor, CSE Member
Mr. Joyanto Roychoudhary Assistant Professor, ECE Member
Mr. Manoj Kumar Garain Assistant Professor, EE Member
Mr. Pranab Das Choudhury Assistant Professor, BSH Member
Mr. Saibal Banerjee TPO Member
Mr. Kumar Gourav Mallik Sr. Technical Assistant, CA Member
Mr. Sumanta Banerjee Technical Assistant, IT Member
Mr. Animesh Sen Sharma Technical Assistant, CE Member