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Rotaract Club of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology


    Rotaract Club of MSIT was established in Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology in 2014 by the 1st President of the club Shikhar Rungta. It is the ONLY club in MSIT with an official charter. Since then it had gained a lot of popularity and even won the best Rotaract Club of our city. One might wonder what is Rotaract. Rotaract comes from the term Rotary in action with a motto of *Fellowship through service*. To us service is helping the community, especially those in need. Our club is a community service based club. We try to help the needy and the poor in as many ways as possible. Rotaract Club of MSIT along with Community Service provides Club Service, International Service and Professional Development to its members. Throughout our 4 years of existence we have been a very disciplined club. Our point of strength has been Community Service without any doubt. Projects undertaken by us like mass donations of food, clothing and books were common throughout the years. Some eye-catching projects like helping a child labour to pursue his studies, spending a day with elders at old age homes and orphans at orphanage, providing electric lamps to people in rural areas, setting up sanitary vending machines in correctional homes and many more. Our club services involve a lot of fun where all the members of our club join to celebrate togetherness in form of someone's birthday, someone's success and so on. We even arrange for a day out where we have a lot of fun and enjoy together. Coming to International Service we remain in contact with various Rotaract Clubs throughout India and the world. We share various events and enjoy working together in many online projects. Finally one of the most important avenues i.e, Professional Development; we arrange for various seminars and training programmes where members from our club can gain maximum exposure to our ever changing job market. This is the main reason why people from our club are very dynamic and versatile and are much more highly recommended for any job. In a nutshell Rotaract is the best finishing school for any student and here at RCMSIT we give our 100% to serve the cause through fun and gain experiences which will surely come in handy for the rest of our lives.

Board for the Year 2018-19

Rtr. Tanmoy Mukherjee President

Rtr. Souvik Paul Vice-President Rtr. Varsha Roy Treasurer Rtr. Avranil Sengupta Secretary
Rtr. Soumi Mukherjee Joint Treasurer Rtr. Himadri Banerjee Joint Treasurer Rtr. Supratim Sarkar Joint Treasurer

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