Sargam- Music Club of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology


    As the name suggests, Sargam is the music club of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology. Anybody interested in singing, playing musical instruments, experimenting with music or simply doing anything musical is welcome here. The club also has an administrative committee, which is behind all the tasks that make an event successful. Therefore, those who are not directly involved in music, but possess the necessary event management and technical skills are also required in the club.The club was founded in 2016 by Joy Goswami, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, Shalini Chatterjee, Ipshita Mitra and Sreeta Banerjee, all from the batch of 2016. However, it had received official recognition by the college since its first successful event, Rabindra Jayanti (Hiyar Majhe) that very year.

    Sargam focuses on ensuring that its members (as well as the intended audience) are able to enjoy the essence of music and make it a part of life. The club is involved in various events throughout the year including Footprints (our Freshers' Welcome ceremony), Vocations (our intra-college fest), "Advaya" (the cultural fest) and also participates in the fests of other colleges as well.The members of the club look forward to induct more such talented souls who are willing to etch the name of Sargam in the heart of MSIT.